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For Entertainment Purposes Only

written and directed by Philip Ayckbourn

Actors may be asked to appear in more than one sketch.


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Script: For Entertainment Purposes Only by Philip Ayckbourn
Demo Songs

When I'm Gone

I Don’t Think That Is For Me

When I Come Home

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Mea Culpa (2 people)
Nick – age flexible.
Joanna – age flexible.

Critical Analysis (4 people)
Adele – younger woman.
Tom – younger man.
Frank – age flexible.
Punters – age flexible.


Madness in the Method (2 people)
William – middle-aged man.
Richard – middle-aged man.

N.D.E (2 people)
Death – younger woman.
Victor – middle-aged man.


The Waiter (4 people)
Dennis – father. Middle-aged man. Yorkshire accent.
Irene – mother. Middle-aged woman. Yorkshire accent.
Kevin – son. Early teens. Yorkshire accent.
Franco – waiter. Middle-aged man. Italian accent.

Actors Reminisce (3 people)
Peter – older man.
Richard – older man.
V.O. Bar Staff – age flexible.



When I’m Gone

Kyle – young man

Rose – young woman


I don’t Think That Is For Me

Kyle – young man

Rose – young woman


When I Come Home

Vincent – man, flexible age

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